Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to study math

Thanks to Twitter I found an excellent review activity to use for my classes. I combined two different ideas from to friends on twitter. Thanks @Fouss and @sqrt_1. I used my rainbow of colors of sharpies and picked four questions from each section of the chapter. I wrote each question on a separate index card. I put the answers to section 1, the red cards, on the back of section 2, the yellow cards, and so on. I stood in the door and handed each student an index card when they walked in. They went to the set of desks with the same colored folder. In the folder, I had a worksheet for each student. The worksheet was divided into sections, like a big table. There was a spot for each color numbered 1 - 4. After all the groups were assembled, I had them start. They got 5 minutes to work at each color station. When they moved to a new station, they would begin by checking their answers to the previous questions before starting the new ones.

It was a great activity because it reviewed the whole chapter, they got to work in groups and they got to move around. Also, it's an activity that they can replicate to study at home! My Algebra III class suggested that I put the answers on the back of the index card with the question so that when they get stuck, they could refer to it. I think that would work for that class, since they are juniors and seniors, but for the 9th graders it worked best for them to have to move and then check...it kept them honest!

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