Thursday, February 3, 2011

Success with LS students

Let me start by saying, I started teaching learning support ("closed") math 3 years ago. I co-teach with a learning support teacher. We were lucky enough to have the same students for 3 years in a row...yes, LUCKY and to be able to co-teach all three years. (We teach math 9, 10 and 11.) This is year 3, they are in 11th grade, and they are making such great progress! Last year the class drove me nuts with their lack of effort and motivation. This year the dynamics are very interesting. We have 4 students who are repeating from last year, 3 of which are making great strides. The interesting part is the difference in the kids that we have taught for three years...they participate, do their homework and almost always, give it their best effort. Math isn't easy for them but we have built a rapport with them. They respect us and trust us to help them be successful at math. We know what supports they need and when to give them to them. This week we have been teaching them how to factor quadratics, using the diamond method, and they are getting it! Some of my 9th grade Algebra I kids still don't get it! Happy day! Now hopefully they'll remember how to do it on the PSSA's in March...

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